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Review of: Agile AL-3000
Agile Guitars
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On August 19, 2012
Last modified:December 15, 2013


Lets take a look at this beautiful Les Paul style guitar, the AL-3000 from Rondo Music. We review all of the sub-models, including the AL-3100 and the AL-3200.

The Agile AL-3000 guitar is an upgrade from the Agile AL-2000 series, providing more high-end features in a very convenient price range. This is a great instrument for a guitar player looking for an economic guitar while maintaining quality and features. Read our Agile Al-3000 review.

The AL-3000

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Similar to other Agile Les Paul models, the agile al3000 competes in the niche of the entry level Gibsons, Epiphones and other similar products. These guitars are a step up form the 2000 series, with prices going from $300 to $450.

In previous reviews we said the the 2000’s were great guitars for beginners or first time buyers because of their great value/price relation. The 3000 also fit in that category, since they are still cheaper that most entry level competitors (we are talking Epis here) and provide a couple of upgrades from the Agile Al-2000.

One thing to consider regarding the agile al 3000 guitars is that there is not that much variety as with the 2000, and stock of the model varies, so if you find one that is of your liking you should not wait too much because it could become unavailable at any time, and it can take a while before restocking happens.

Agile AL-2000 vs Agile AL-3000

Ahh… to be or not to be. If it were only pure cosmetic differences we would not advice to go for the most expensive product, but there is more to it. For the small price increment the Agile 3000 is a big step up, and at this point is where Agile guitars start to distinguish themselves as a great value. For the ~$400 price tag of this guitar you will not find anything close to what this guitar features.

So, what do you get for the extra buck ? Among other differences (and depending on the 3000 model you choose):

  • A real 3/4 maple top (vs mahogany in the 2000)
  • Ebony fretboard ! (vs rosewood, this is seriously amazing for a guitar of this price)
  • Beautiful triple bindings (vs single)
  • Alnico pups (vs standard ceramic covered)
  • A lot more, check the full features below.

Check The Agile AL-3000 in detail


Models in the 3000 series

  • Agile Al-3000 2TS fully maple covered and with case. See it
  • Agile AL-3010 HSBF slim. Check it
  • Agile AL-727 Tribal red (yes, this is the 7 string version of the AL-3000) here

agile al-3000csbplain1left

Agile AL-3000 full feature list

(highlighted improvements from the 2000 series)

  • Grover 102-18C tuners
  • Solid mahogany, 2 piece center jointed
  • 1/16″ AA maple for the standard model and 3/4″ Maple + 1/16″ Flame form the M model
  • Triple binding for body and and head
  • Single binding neck
  • Alnico V pickups
  • 2 volume pots
  • 2 tone pots
  • Improved wiring and electronics. High voltage pots.
  • 1 piece mahogany neck
  • Abalone inlays, ebony fretboard, 24 3/4″ scale
  • Jumbo hand filled frets
  • Graph Tec NVS2 bridge


agile al-3000eb727tribalred5To keep in mind

If you are a serial guitar buyer/seller, bear in mind that although we recommend these guitars over any other brand in this price range, as the Agile brand is not so famous it might be a little harder to sell it than some other brands, even if the product is superior.

If you read other reviews in some forums you will find that some people buy this guitar for modding, some upgrade the pups, some upgrade the nut, still most of the reviews say it is a great guitar out of the box, and does not need anything else.


In a nutshell

On a general overview, the agile 3000 is a great and versatile guitar. For the beginner, provides and outstanding quality at a very convenient price. For the intermediate and expert player, it provides a more affordable alternative, if you are not a “brand junkie”, while setting high standards of quality.

We said, in the Agile AL-2000 review, that there was no contest at that price range, that is even more notorious with the Agile Al-3000, with features directly competing with Gibsons that can cost 4x as much.  If you can afford the difference in the price between the 2000 and the 3000 don’t hesitate, and go for the an Agile Al-3000 model. It’s well worth the extra effort since you’re getting a superior product, and in the long run you won’t regret spending a little extra.

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Agile Al-2000
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Bye bye AL-2000, thanks for the ride !!!!
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